Solar Panel Washing

Dirty solar panels can reduce energy production by up to 30% – as shown in studies conducted by the University of Houston – and should be cleaned once every four months. Our service not only protects your investment, but will pay for itself as your solar systems produces more energy, lowers your electric bill and could even lead to banking credit with your electric provider. Cleaning solar panels yourself is not only challenging, but comes with several risks. Solar panels are delicate and require specialized solutions and tools to completely clean.

•    By using water from your tap, like through a garden hose, you are exposing panels to hard water. The water spots left behind actually attract more dust! This is also the case with rain water.

At Clean Solar & Glass, we use a specialized unit that produces 99.9% pure, deionized water by filtering it through two reverse osmosis filters, one carbon filer and a deionizing filter. This means your panels and windows will dry spot-free. We also use specially designed poles and brushes to gently and safely clean each panel.

•    Incorrectly washing your panels can have damaging, and expensive, results. It can cause cracking in the glass covering the unit, or compromise the seals between the frame and glass panels.

•    Working on the roof is a hazard in itself and comes with the risk of damaging roof tiles or resulting in personal injury.

This is where Clean Solar & Glass comes in. We are trained, licensed and bonded professionals. Our customers can have the peace of mind that we are safe, insured and know what we are doing.

Window & Screen Washing

CSG window and screen washing services utilize the same 99.9% pure water and specialized brushes as our solar service, allowing us to gently scrub the glass and provide a spot-free rinse. Our screen washing system removes all the dirt, dust and grime from the screen and frame.

Screen Repair

If you have screens or frames that need repair, we can do that too! Just give us the details when you call for an estimate.

Pressure Washing

Our pressure washing service has a wide range of possibilities from getting pesky tire marks off the driveway, washing the exterior of a house or fence, cleaning a deck or prepping a garage floor for epoxy application. Pressure washing is also great for RVs, large trucks and trailers, farm equipment and more. If you can think of it, we can probably pressure wash it. Our equipment is great for vehicle RO (Reverse Osmosis) spot-free rinsing. Weekly services can be scheduled to keep your car or truck looking like new.


Being veteran owned and operated, we are dedicated to serving our community, just as we have always done. Let us know if you have other jobs around the house – small irrigation issues and everyday handy-man projects – that need to be taken care of. If we can’t fix it, we can point you to someone you can trust to do a great job at a fair price.

Please let us know how we can help. Our goal is to make your life easier.